Building Update – April 5, 2017

January 2017 preliminary plans submitted to city of Grants Pass.  Grants Pass sends preliminary plans back with notes and suggestions.

February 2017 RA Murphy works with sub contractors to finalize design and costs

RA Murphy and ECF building committee change roof design of sanctuary to eliminate conflicts in current design with sound and HVAC.  Roof changed from HIP roof to 30' flat roof.

March 2017 - RA Murphy finalizing project design and engineering of metal building and concrete slab.

April 2017 - RA Murphy submitting revised plans to City of GP.

Once plans are approved and returned to RA Murphy/ECF phase #1 of project will begin.

ECF Leadership has prayerfully decided to build project in phases with cash available

RA Murphy has broken project into 7 phases.

Phase #1 Building Pad and Concrete

All design build subs and architect finalize design

Pay for permits

Site work; and prep building pas for sanctuary build.  Stub in all underground utilities including sewer, water, storm drain, sprinkler water main, low voltage to the building.

Concrete; form, reinforce and pour concrete footings and slabs for entire building including second floor slab

Masonry; supply and install all "red iron steel" and steel pan deck

Plumbing; rough plumbing on entire project

Electrical; rough in under slab conduits, no wiring

Phase #1 cost estimate of $1,200,000

Current balance of ECF building fund $967,549.98

Currently waiting on engineering of steel and slab.  Expecting to submit plans mid April.

RA Murphy is breaking up the costs of the 7 phases

Next update will be first week of June 2017

Chad Hansen

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