Safe Families update per our SF representative

We currently have 6 kids being hosted!! The most we have ever had at one time. An 18 year old, 17 year old, two 15 year olds, a 9 year old and a baby who is 1.

-The 18 year old has been with her host family since August and in that time she has gotten a job, transferred schools, gotten her permit and is saving up for a car. She is currently trying to decide which college she would like to attend in the fall.

-The 17 year old is working toward his GED and is adjusting well to being with his host family.

-We are working with both the mother of the 15 and 9 year old and the mother of the 1 year old to find housing so they can get off the streets.

New Hostings

We recently placed two more Safe Families kids with host families at Edgewater.  Please be praying for the host homes, the kids as they get ready for school and for all of the transition that this entails.  One family is hosting a teen boy and the other is hosting a teen girl.

General update

Things got busy and the updates got neglected, hopefully this will get you back in the loop.  In the time since the last posting we have helped with 5 more children directly by hosting them.  We’ve also indirectly supported some other kids by helping their single moms with temporary housing.

Part of those listed above were a trio of siblings.  They were hosted in two of our host family’s homes.  Their single mom had moved them to town from northern California and needed some time to get settled here.  During the 4 week hosting she was able to get all of her resources(medical, schooling, living accommodations, etc.) transferred to Grants Pass.  I was just informed yesterday that she has been hired for a job.  Things continue to fall in place for this family.  Please continue to pray for them.

As a result of this process the past couple months I am continually amazed at the hearts and willingness of our body to serve and help with Safe Families.  Each time I post a need it gets covered most times in just minutes.  You are all an encouragement to me and the families we are serving.

Housing update

Well the family with the three boys we have been hosting have finally been approved to get into a house.  When I had originally posted they were going to get help with six months of rent.  Turns out, because of their situation UCAN was able to get help for a year.  This is a great way to start the new year for this family.  Please continue to pray for them.  Many in our church family are currently working to put together the items they will need to furnish their house and the outpouring has been a blessing.

We had an all-church update this past Sunday regarding Safe Families.  Things are going well but we could really use some help with Mentors and Host Families willing to take in teens.  If you or anyone you know may fit into these categories please contact Shawn Logue at 541-474-7172.

Giant Praise Report!!!

Our community is coming together behind Safe Families.  The three boys we placed last week are all in school and settling into their temporary homes.  They have been set up with optometry appointments as it was identified they need some vision correction. Their parents have been hosted by another family in our church body.  The biological dad interviewed and got a job this morning, he starts in a week.  UCAN has stepped in and agreed to cover 6 months of rent for the family, please pray that they would find a home.  Additionally, the GP Active Club is adopting the kids for Christmas.  Another community member has asked to do the same thing.  This is what Safe Families is all about, bringing our community together to take care of itself.

Big Prayer Request

Last night’s placement went well, praise the Lord.  There is a huge prayer request however.  The parents of the kids that were placed are in need of a place to stay for a couple months.  They have been homeless for a few months as a result of the husband being unable to work.  He has had to give 24 hour care for his wife that was paralyzed a little over a year ago.  They are in the process of sorting out disability and some aid for her so that he can work.  Please pray for a place that would come available for them temporarily until they can move back into a home with their kids.

Praise the Lord! New Hosting

Please be in prayer.  We will be placing 3 young boys in a family tonight.  After the weekend the oldest boy will be moved to another family so they will be split.  This is a good thing and was actually recommended by the parents.  Please pray for a smooth transition and for the parents to be able to get back on their feet with work and a home.

Chugging along

We continue to get calls regarding possible hostings, but find in most of the cases the real need is just some help from a support group around the family.  Recently we have helped with rides, bed donations, phones, meals, etc.  Additionally, it looks like in a couple weeks we will be helping the biological family of one our hosted kids with their yard.  They have fallen a little behind on maintenance and are blown away that people are willing to help get them back on track.  The mother in this situation just can’t stop thanking the church for what we have already done for her and her daughter.  She also stated that no one in her life has ever done something so kind and helpful for her.

We’ve also found ourselves reaching out to some foster families within our church body and lending some support to them as well.   Although these are not “official” Safe Families hostings, they are still the heart of what this ministry is all about.  If you or anyone you know is interested in getting involved please don’t hesitate to call  Shawn Logue at 541-218-4485 for more info.

Safe Families Orientation- November 13th

We have scheduled a date for another Safe Families orientation.  Please join us Sunday, November 13th at the church office.  It will begin at 2:00 pm and will take 1 hour.  This is an opportunity to learn how you might be able to get involved in serving in the Safe Families ministry.  Whether you want to host a child or be a part of supporting a family that is hosting, this is your chance to find out more.  If you have any questions please contact Shawn Logue at 541-218-4485.

New Hosting

We were able to take in a new teenager last night.  Praise the Lord that all went well and please continue to pray that He continues to work in this situation.


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