What is “The Mission for Children” in Carmen Serdan, Mexico? Watch as Jeff Moody, the mission’s administrator, talks about who they are and what they do. This mission has been a special part of Edgewater for many years.

Pregnant with her third child, Robyn’s doctor expressed concern that this child could have Down Syndrome. Now 19 years later, learn how God has blessed the Clark family through their remarkable daughter Evan.

Pronob was born and raised in Kolkata India. He grew up worshiping the Hindu goddess Durga. Eventually his life’s journey would move him out of India and into a relationship with the living God.

As an 86 year old saint, Leatha continues to love and serve the Lord. She has joyfully walked with Jesus for 80 years and encourages the church to continue to serve Him, look for His return and spread His gospel.

In 1993 David received the shocking news that his four year old son Brandon had been diagnosed with leukemia. As Brandon fought this disease David’s life would be changed forever.

As a seven year old child Kathleen realized she had a heart for marginalized children. Now years latter as an adult she and her husband Don have discovered a beautiful way to come alongside broken kids by being foster parents.

Both Tino and Martha were born in Mexico into very difficult family situations.  Eventually they moved to the U.S. and before long found their way to Oregon.  It was here that in the midst of heartache that they were introduced to a loving God, a loving church and to each other.

Ministering to rescued sex trafficked girls in Iraq changed Olivia’s life forever. God showed her His amazing ability to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free as well as how He uniquely meets us all in life’s low places.

Steve admits he grew up with a knowledge of God but it took years of heartache and emptiness before he would surrender his life to the Lordship of Jesus in the waters of baptism. His life would never be the same.

In 2009 Fred started the Rogue Valley Chaplains Association and God has blessed and grown it. Working through intense situations God has taught Fred to trust Him in everything even when life becomes very painful and hard to understand.

She and her husband Jim loved kids but soon after marriage they realized they couldn’t have children.  God beautifully lead them thru the adoption process and one day their family would be changed forever.