Building Project Update – Aug 31, 2017

Here’s our building project’s early phases and the status we are currently at:

  • PHASE 1– Purchased three acres, Assembly Circle property (Finished)
  • PHASE 2– Built 6,700 sq ft church office/ youth worship center (Finished)
  • PHASE 3– Purchased additional six acres of adjoining property (Finished)
  • PHASE 4– begin building 27000 sf children’s wing and sanctuary (Current phase)
    This phase includes; design, engineering, plans, permits, structural fill material, footings, masonry walls, all building slabs, children’s wing structural steelPHASE 4 STATS:
    Main sanctuary seating capacity: 1,050
    Phase 4 cost: $1,200,000
    Current cash on hand: $900,000
    Phase 4 estimated completion date: December 31, 2017

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