Chugging along

We continue to get calls regarding possible hostings, but find in most of the cases the real need is just some help from a support group around the family.  Recently we have helped with rides, bed donations, phones, meals, etc.  Additionally, it looks like in a couple weeks we will be helping the biological family of one our hosted kids with their yard.  They have fallen a little behind on maintenance and are blown away that people are willing to help get them back on track.  The mother in this situation just can’t stop thanking the church for what we have already done for her and her daughter.  She also stated that no one in her life has ever done something so kind and helpful for her.

We’ve also found ourselves reaching out to some foster families within our church body and lending some support to them as well.   Although these are not “official” Safe Families hostings, they are still the heart of what this ministry is all about.  If you or anyone you know is interested in getting involved please don’t hesitate to call  Shawn Logue at 541-218-4485 for more info.

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