General update

Things got busy and the updates got neglected, hopefully this will get you back in the loop.  In the time since the last posting we have helped with 5 more children directly by hosting them.  We’ve also indirectly supported some other kids by helping their single moms with temporary housing.

Part of those listed above were a trio of siblings.  They were hosted in two of our host family’s homes.  Their single mom had moved them to town from northern California and needed some time to get settled here.  During the 4 week hosting she was able to get all of her resources(medical, schooling, living accommodations, etc.) transferred to Grants Pass.  I was just informed yesterday that she has been hired for a job.  Things continue to fall in place for this family.  Please continue to pray for them.

As a result of this process the past couple months I am continually amazed at the hearts and willingness of our body to serve and help with Safe Families.  Each time I post a need it gets covered most times in just minutes.  You are all an encouragement to me and the families we are serving.

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