Restore: to bring back to or put back into a former or original state. There might not be a greater truth than God’s ability to restore. It goes further than forgiveness by renewing what was lost or broken. Joel 2 does a prophetic dive into the miraculous work of restoration.
Hosea the prophet’s life and marriage to Gomer the prostitute is both moving and mysterious. There is no happily ever after. Instead we are left to consider how we treat God and if we will be a faithful covenant partner to Him.
Everyone knows the story of Jonah and the whale. However, most of our mental pictures are from Veggie Tales and distort the incredible message of this prophet. Jonah isn’t about Nineveh, whales or dying plants; it is a mirror for the reader's heart.
Daniel’s life is exemplary. He demonstrates how to live in the worst biblical city. He not only endures the attacks but his life changes the city of Babylon. We get wisdom on how to endure our own attacks that come at our bodies, minds, and spirits.