If we want to rebuild, there will be a battle. It doesn’t matter if we are closing our personal gates to evil or helping a community recover their protection from…
We are living in a time where faith, family and community have been eroded. In order for any town to be changed there needs to be miraculous reviving of these…
We struggle making decisions. We struggle to know the wise right path. We struggle knowing what mission God has called us to partner with Him in this broken world. Nehemiah…

NEHEMIAH – Down Town

February 26, 2023
The book of Nehemiah opens with a report about a desperate situation in the city of Jerusalem. The people are in great trouble and shame and the wall and gates…

FORMED – Scripture

February 19, 2023
The fuel for the Christian life is Scripture. We are to be people of the book. The Bible is to be read, studied, meditated upon, and memorized. Each of these…

FORMED – Celebration

February 12, 2023
A way our enemy caricatures Christianity is to paint us as fun haters. By no means is this a new tactic but stretches back to the origins of our Faith.…

FORMED – Secret

February 5, 2023
Motives mold us and the practice of secrecy can refine our motives and prevent us from becoming modern Pharisees who only care about appearing whitewashed. Jesus in the Sermon on…

FORMED – Slowing

January 29, 2023
We all feel the increase in the pace of life. With that pace we have the ability to be informed or entertained 24/7. Today there are less margins for waiting…

FORMED – Sabbath

January 22, 2023
Americans have a love hate relationship with rest. The protestant work ethic is weaved into the DNA of our country and while it is a good servant it can become…

FORMED – Launch

January 15, 2023
We realize our lives are perfectly designed for the results we are getting and so each New Year we make resolutions for different results. Edgewater’s duty is to teach a…
Philippians concludes with a brilliant understanding of the place for riches. Paul says the goal isn’t to be rich or poor but to learn to be content. He goes on…

A Happy Mind

January 1, 2023
It can be argued that we are the most anxious and stressed generation in history. Philippians 4:1-9 is the divine cure for our problems. We must remember the good, choose…

A Good Journey

December 18, 2022
Scripture would agree with the idea that life is a journey not a destination. Often we get robbed of joy on the journey because we are focused on a mirage…

Gospel Fueled Joy

December 4, 2022
Happiness is a treasure that people will try to steal. Philippians 3 warns us to look out for three types of thieves. Even better, Philippians 3 arms us with truth…

A Happy Witness

November 20, 2022
A picture is worth a thousand words. Paul, after two chapters, holds up Timothy and Epaphroditus as examples of what he has been preaching. He uses these two as models,…

LINES: The Spirit

October 9, 2022

LINES: Growth

October 2, 2022

LINES: The Bible

September 25, 2022

Which Ending

September 4, 2022

The Cross Pt. 1

August 7, 2022

Mark 14:32-42

July 20, 2022

The Greatest

May 8, 2022


January 23, 2022


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